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What people are saying about Dan Plexman:

"To whom it may concern, having done safety presentations for workplace groups and organizations myself, I know full well of the importance of hearing of the devastating effects that life's most injurious incidents, and the journey back from the depths of disparity, for those fortunate enough to make their way forward. With Dan Plexman's account of his personal struggle to achieve just that, you will hear one of the most riveting, raw, honest and most of all, memorable stories of your entire lifetime. If you consider Dan as your keynote speaker, I personally guarantee that during his dissertation, you will not be able to hear anything other than his voice in the room. "

​- Lorne Jackson 
Town of Pincher Creek Councillor


Dear Mr.Plexman,
I work with a Commisioning and Start up group on a major project in the Fort McMurray area. Recently we have had some LOTO issues resulting in a safety stand down to help our team of approximately 150 refocus on the importance of perfection.

After reviewing our statistics and the path forward I shared your 5 minute video from After the Cocoon and it was incredible the impact it had on all levels.

I wanted to thank you for sharing and from the discussions after our meeting all I can say is the impact was fantastic. Your ability to add levity into your presentation showed that you were a real person struggling with the real side of being injured.

Thanks so much
- Jon Mack
CSU HSE Lead - Bantrel Management Services | ConocoPhillips Surmont 2 Project

"I had the pleasure to see Dan speak today at the ACSA conference. Dan’s emotions ranged from nervous, happy, mad, depressed, enlightened, rejuvenated, hopeful and 100% honest. I was brought to tears in his moving narrative of his journey. If anyone has the opportunity to hear Dan speak – take it!!! I also had the honour to briefly speak with him following his presentation and Dan welcomed the conversations many wanted to had. Dan, you have changed my life for the better. My own battle with depression can only be changed by my outlook and ensuring my loved ones are not the ones abused. You’ve further taught me that and I thank you for your bravery and modesty."

- Bobbee
​in response to After the Cocoon article

"Our company Safety Day was a great success and I owe much of that to Dan for setting the tone as our opening speaker. We have hosted several of these events in the past, but I have to say that Dan's speech really resonated with the group, more so than anyone else we've hosted. His speech was incredibly impactful and he captured the attention of all the employees, even the ones known to be a "tough sell." He spoke for the full hour as requested and he made himself available for questions afterwards. Dan really opened our eyes to both the physical and emotional scars of a workplace injury and he outlined how the little things we do or don't do everyday can have dramatic effects. He spoke of accountability from individuals to management and this tied in well with our theme of safe behaviours. Overall, it was exactly what we were looking for and his talk continues to be referenced within our teams."

- Pam Homiak
​EHS Manager of a large brewery in Canada

“Dan Plexman is an engaging and energetic presenter; he shares his personal burn recovery journey in a frank and honest way. He is able to inspire others by offering insights into what has made him successful on his path. He will motivate you to be your best, no matter what your personal journey!”

- Barbara-Anne Hodge
Chair, Canadian Burn Survivors Community
​Chair, Mamingwey Burn Survivor Society 

"I just wanted to thank you for sharing your story, I can only imagine how intimidating standing in a room that full of people and speaking about your personal experiences so openly must be. I read in the write up on you in the book that you are moving forward with a career in safety by working on attaning you NCSO, let me tell you it is a fantastic career that is not only rewarding but there is so many different areas you can choose to work in and I just know you'd make such a difference to so many people, If you ever have any safety related questions by all means contact me, I love helping people get into this gig as a career."

- Cindy Turner 
in response to Dan speaking at the NCSO Conference in Calgary

TVO announces five finalists in first annual TVO Doc Studio Contest
"Just over three years ago, Dan was injured in a work-related accident.  Having endured third degree burns and falling 20 feet, Dan documents his journey to recovery in an impactful five-minute documentary where he acknowledges that, while life is very difficult, it's all relative - because he's alive."
regarding Dan's short doc HOT UNDER THE COLLAR

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