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Dan Plexman

International Professional Workplace Safety Expert​

​Dan is your average guy on a mission to keep workers safe! A preventable workplace accident changed Dan’s life forever. Now, he speaks from a depth of experience few know when he stresses:

Plan & Prepare. Prevent & Protect.

Dan was working alone in a manlift that came in close proximity to live overhead power lines. An electrical arc fire caught him in an inferno that caused 3rd to 6th degree burns to 60% of his body.

Without a practiced emergency rescue plan, panic and mass confusion set in and this made rescue efforts completely ineffective.

Since beating the odds of a 13% chance of survival and enduring over 10 years of constant surgeries, Dan has learned to accept his “new normal” life.

Now, Dan feels obligated to promote a safety culture that will keep everyone safe in the home, on the school yard and at the workplace.

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